Radek Lont

Radek Lont

Scrum Master by choice, currently building Business Think Tank AgileRebels.org. He went along the way of experience from a software developer, through a team leader to a Scrum Master role. The latter he played both for teams in different projects and as a change agent for his own organisations or as a consultant for others.
He gained knowledge and experience first in huge telecommunications projects (mainly for Ericsson), then in Seamless by changing the world of payments with SEQR startup.
Passionate about Lean approach in IT, experienced in Kanban and DevOps improvements bringing Business, Development and Operations together.
Founder of Zwinna Lodz (Agile Lodz) – a local community spreading Agile/Lean outside IT, introducing discoveries of sociology into IT and working with students.
Speaker at IT and Agile/Lean conferences.

Scrum doesn’t work, let’s kanban!

Room 1.24 (2nd floor)

I call this “the boomerang case” as many times in many different contexts I hear: “Scrum doesn’t work (polite version), let’s try kanban”. Add to this: “I saw it worked (translation: someone told me it worked) perfectly in the other team” and the struggle begins. How to pick this up? What to take care of? […]

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