Scrum doesn’t work, let’s kanban!

Room 1.24 (2nd floor)

I call this “the boomerang case” as many times in many different contexts I hear: “Scrum doesn’t work (polite version), let’s try kanban”. Add to this: “I saw it worked (translation: someone told me it worked) perfectly in the other team” and the struggle begins.
How to pick this up? What to take care of? What to observe and discuss?
During the workshop I would like to share a few hints which I see valuable and add some stories to them. But first I will invite participants to experience working with Kanban at the team level and compare it to “the scrum way”.

What you will learn:
The main learning takeaway will be Kanban at the team level and its comparison to Scrum.
The main inspiring takeaway I hope to deliver are the arguments to use when you hear “Scrum doesn’t work, let’s kanban” – what to take care of, how to move on?

What you need to know:
It would be best if you already experienced working with Scrum.
It would be very good if you hear “let’s do kanban” in your work environment.
It would be good if you are the one that hates/dislikes/is fed up with Scrum.
Practical software development knowledge is nice to have, not a must.

The workshop will be held in Polish

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