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Unconf 2018

Many questions, many discussions and an infinite number of inspirations. This June you will have another chance to explore.


What is leadership in modern organizations? Is it a title, a function or a personality trait? Is it possible to learn how to be a leader? Or maybe it’s a matter of inspiration?


Is management still a challenge or “only” a habit and working standard? What is more important – company management, team management or self-management? How can a product or process be managed more efficiently? What is management in self-organizing teams?


When is it worth to invest in development? What is company, product or team development and what self-development is? What does investment in development consist in and how personality development can be understood?

Save the dates of the 8th and 9th of June 2018 for the third edition of Unconf – a conference devoted to Agile, Lean, Management 3.0, and new forms of work organization. Unconf is an opportunity to meet people the talk with whom can become an inspiration for the next months of work. It is a possibility to participate in thematic workshops and learn interesting techniques and styles of facilitation. Unconf is a place where different perspectives meet, where both organizations and individuals working in them express their points of view. Join the event during which other people’s experience inspires to work whereas experimenting and practice releases new energy and enthusiasm for the coming months.

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