Bożena Andrzejak

Bożena Andrzejak

Bożena is a career advisor and self-development coach and mentor. Fulfilling those roles, she supports individuals and teams to unleash their potential. She also works as a business trainer specializing in soft skills development and organizational consultant in the field of HR.

She helps her individual clients to diagnose their competences to build strong base for further development and conscious career planning. Working for organizations, she designs and implements processes and tools dedicated for skills diagnostic (competency models and profiles, performance review, Development Centre, feedback 360, etc.) and development (coaching and training programmes).

She appreciates new, human-centric and value based paradigms in management as Management 3.0, Holacracy or Teal Organizations as well as people agility and ability toward constant changes.

How to tame the conflict

Room 1.23 (2nd floor)

Conflict has a bad reputation. It evokes difficult emotions and forces us to step out of our comfort zone. That’s why most of us would prefer to avoid it. However, there is the other side of conflict. It can unleash creativity and lead to development. To enable that we need to learn how to understand […]

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