How to tame the conflict

Room 1.23 (2nd floor)

Conflict has a bad reputation. It evokes difficult emotions and forces us to step out of our comfort zone. That’s why most of us would prefer to avoid it. However, there is the other side of conflict. It can unleash creativity and lead to development. To enable that we need to learn how to understand the nature of conflict and how to survive through it.

There are many ways to learn how to handle conflict. During our workshop we will use the method of supervision to find out possible solutions to the problems raised by you and focus on the perspective of a person who faces the challenge of a conflict situation. We will analyse the behaviour and beliefs of the owner of the case. By means of case study analysis, we will learn the essentials of knowledge needed to resolve conflict situations.

If you apply for the workshop, think about a difficult situation which you would like to discuss with other participants and work out the solution for yourself. From the topics raised, we will choose maximum 3 cases for analysis.

The workshop will be held in Polish

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