Anna Wojciechowska

Anna Wojciechowska

As a UX Designer, she is the guardian of customer needs, reconciling projects with business requirements. She has several years of experience in e-banking, currently she strengthens the workforce of Pracuj Group. She constantly improves products, making them more user-friendly. She knows how to cooperate with graphic designers thanks to… many years of experience in the same position. She believes that good interface enables users to understand even complex products. In her work she values most the confrontation between projects and users.

Ania loves travelling and spending her evenings on playing board games.

Manage customer needs with Design Thinking

Room Enterprise B

How to understand users and create a product which responds to customer needs? How to handle problem solving? During the workshop you will learn about Design Thinking. Working in groups, you will identify problems of potential clients, provide specific solutions, create a prototype, test it and enhance. A lot of agility and fun guaranteed! We […]

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