Igor Mróz

Igor Mróz

Igor manages his own life in sprints, employing continuous improvement, testing hypothesis and making frequent pivots. What helps him is a huge 2×1 meter Kanban Board full of post-it notes on his apartment’s wall. Yes, some guests find it weird, but he decided to live with it.

He lead his first project in 2003. Since then he run his own web design firm, worked for global corporations, SMEs and startups. Living and working in Western Europe helped him to better understand challenges faced by international, distributed teams.

Never planned on becoming a trainer or (God forbid) consultant. His friends and peers forced him to give it a try and once he did – there was no coming back. The name of his brand nicely summarizes his whole approach: Zero Bullshit Management.

If he could cast spells, he would enchant all project leaders with the following ones: product-focus, ego-suppress, productivity-boost.

How to reason with those who seem impossible to reason with

Room Enterprise A

Attendees will learn how to convince and reach agreements with various project stakeholders (team included) more effectively. Workshop will consist of three parts – basics of the proposed techniques in the form of a short, inspiring lecture, followed by real-life example cases to be solved by attendees and finally working on cases brought by participants. […]

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