Ewa Bocian

Ewa Bocian

Ewa has 10 years of business experience in corporate investment environment in large, international companies. Her fascination with the new ways of working led her to transform her professional life. Now together with Dwarfs and Giants Ewa supports organizations in systemic transformations as she believes that there are different ways of organizing in the complex reality. Their common purpose is to catalyze evolution of organizations that provide a wholesome space for people to reach their highest potential.

Ewa is a Certified Holacracy Coach – holacracy is an operating model based on self-management principal, distributed authority, autonomy in roles and transparency. She is also a public speaker actively engaged in spreading self-management idea and practices.

Ewa is passionate about revealing what is deeply hidden inside us, building strong and deep relations and unwinding our own limitations. She prefers holistic approach to life as she believes that awareness, consciousness and challenging our behaviours, patterns and beliefs are the key to self and organization growth.

Operating System for the new ways of working

Room 1.25 (2nd floor)

The workshop will allow you to get familiar with a simple but powerful tool to gain a holistic view of your company with the help of Operating System Canvas (OS Canvas). The concrete method of OS Canvas brings the central elements of your organization into a holistic view: from very concrete structural elements through observable […]

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