Beata Kupiec

Beata Kupiec

Beata Kupiec is a Product Manager with over 8 years of business analysis and product management experience in IT.

She is passionate about Lean Startup approach and she always adapts and implements Lean methodologies while building products, proving that Lean Startup is not only for startups but it perfectly works within a corporation.

As she loves exchanging ideas and experiences about building products, she organizes ProductTank Krakow – meetups for Product Managers, as well as she is a lecturer at User Experience & Product Design at Division of Humanities AGH, Kraków.

Currently she’s building and managing a team of Product Managers at Guidewire. Beata got her Master’s Degree of Classical Philology at Jagiellonian University.\

She spends her free time on her other passions: family, cooking and travelling.

Don’t trust your gut – ask your customers

Room 1.24 (2nd floor)

During this workshop you will learn how to experiment with your hypothesis and ideas. What methods to use to validate them. How to find out that the customers will pay for your product. At the end, you will need to build a great product and … make money. What you need to know: No specific […]

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