Do not reinvent the wheel. Management theories applied to modern agile

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Aren’t we reinventing the wheel? Similarly to today’s thirty-year-olds discovering “previously unknown” coffee and cognac. For decades, the theory of management has developed models and practices which we often condemn or a priori consider unimportant or incorrect just because they originated in the previous epochs. During the workshop, we will discuss a few such theories and see how they fit or do not fit today’s reality. Drucker, Maslow, Taylor and others – what do they teach us to follow and what to avoid? You will gain an inspiration for a further search, or maybe an understanding what we can learn from the experienced managers while being Team Leaders, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Product Owners.

What you will learn:
Participants will find value in over one-hundred-year-old tradition of management. They will learn how to use already known elements in a new environment.

What you need to know:
It’s good to have experience of working in agile environment and understand on what motivational and organisational pillars agility is based.

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