Team net – the labyrinth of yarns


When I start working with a team, I stand over an undiscovered map of interpersonal relationships, dependencies and influences. Step by step I build a three-level map, revealing more threads and colours connecting people with whom I work. Intuitively supporting and accompanying the team at the beginning, day by day I identify visible and invisible threads so that after some time I can use the complete map to motivate the team and increase its efficiency.
How to identify personalities and dependencies within a team which are essential to achieve business goals?
How to build an effective team without tangling these delicate threads?
How to weave your own thread into the map of a team?
All of the above and a few other interesting topics will be discussed during my workshop.
So if you want to create a map of your team and try your hand at exploring the labyrinth of yarns – feel more than welcome to join my workshop!

What you will learn:
How to identify people and their personalities
How to connect people by means of technical and personality threads
How to create a networks map of the team
How to develop and motivate people in the labyrinth of connections
How to use a networks map in the daily work of a Scrum Master or Project Manager

What you need to know:
You just need some willingness and openness to learn about individual approaches and search for new ways of developing and supporting your team.

The workshop will be held in Polish

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