Call for trainers

Interested in running your own workshop on unconf 2018?

Submission guidelines

Themes: Lead, Manage, Grow

Format: workshops related to the main theme of Unconf (Agile, Leadership, Ownership, Agile frameworks, team building, facilitation, feedback, soft skills, Management 3.0. Lean, Software development, etc.)

Topic has to be related to one of the unconf 2018 fields. Please, add a short introduction WHY your workshop is connected with one of the fields, e.g. workshop about team conflicts – LEAD the difficulties through being a leader; workshop about ownership – MANAGE the product; workshop about feedback – GROW skills of both individuals and teams

Time limit: 3,5h

Questionnaire is in English but you can fill it in Polish (if it’s more convenient for you or if your workshop language is Polish)

After acceptance, we will contact you for setting more details regarding your needs.

Deadline for submissions: 30th April 2018